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Show jumping

Birthday parties and events

Birthday parties

Personal birthday packages are available to suit the needs for your special day. Why not give us a call to talk about what you would like.

During birthday parties we offer a range of activities to make your day special.

We cater for all types of events so give us a call to find out how we can tailor our packages to suit your event.


Culford Equestrian Centre hosts a range of horse riding events and activities. We welcome adults and children to our stables, and lessons are supervised by experienced professionals. On this page you can find out more about our latest horse riding events.

Pony days

Experience the wonderful world of horses through our fantastic horse related games and activities. Learn about the care of horses, their characteristics, breeds and colours, as well as safe handling techniques both on the ground and while mounted. The pony days are designed for all levels of ability - from first-time riders to experienced enthusiasts.

What to bring: Comfortable clothing, water proofs, correct footwear, a snack and a drink

Own a pony day

Lasting a day, a week, or longer upon request, these events are brilliant for anyone who wants to know what it’s like to own a pony. If you’re thinking of getting a horse or pony (or simply looking to learn), these events are perfect for children and adults. The ‘own a pony day’ covers the following areas:

  • Horse husbandry
  • Anatomy
  • Health and safety
  • Horse behaviour
  • General knowledge

You will have a horse to work with and learn about just as if it were your own!

Show jumping club

Our show jumping clubs are typically held on Wednesday evenings from 4pm to 8pm - it’s advisable (but not essential) to attend for the full duration. We cover all aspects of jumping, from basic ground work to grids and courses. Once the participants reach a level of competence, we stage a mini-show in the evening. On selected Sundays, we attend competitions and hold our own show jumping contest. All ages are welcome to try out.

Easter and summer camps

Our 3-day event camps offer a chance to learn about eventing in a welcoming environment. We run 3-day event camps, whilst our summer camps can run up to 7 days. Participants are able to camp on-site or return home each evening. The 3-day camp typically covers the following areas:

  • Day one - learn about eventing, including how to prepare a horse for riding, followed by a riding/dressage test.
  • Day two - A mixture of show jumping and cross country
  • Day three - Enjoy the chance to put into practice everything you’ve learnt!
How to book an event
To enquire about our events or to book a horse riding lesson, contact us and visit our friendly equestrian centre in Culford, Suffolk.